Another high profile award: Saving Lives at Birth

In partnership with Save the Children Federation, PET has been co-awarded one of only 19 of the prestigious “Saving Lives at Birth: Grand Challenge for Development” awards...

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INDEX: largest Design for Life award – Winner!!

In August 2009, the Fetal Heart Rate Monitor was selected as the winning design in the Body Category of the prestigious INDEX: Award in Copenhagen.

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PET innovation awarded by Gates Foundation

Seattle, May 2011: PET were recently awarded a $100,000 Phase I Grand Challenge grant for “bold innovative ideas” from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation...

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Fetal heart rate monitor Fetal heart rate monitor
Fetal heart rate monitor

The Doppler ultrasound fetal heart rate monitor is a device to easily and accurately count the fetal heart rate while the mother is in labour. A slowing of the fetal heart rate towards the end of a uterine contraction is a very important way of identifying a fetus that is not receiving enough oxygen and may die or suffer brain damage.

Pulse Oximeter Pulse Oximeter
Pulse Oximeter

This device measures the percentage of oxygen present in the blood, using a well-established non-invasive method of shining light of different wavelengths through the skin. Advanced arrangements have been made for EMCO (an Indian medical technology company) to manufacture an innovative pulse oximeter that uses a sophisticated digital OEM module manufactured by Nonin.